Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet treats...

I realise I'm a little behind on the macaroon trend, but I was reading through my diaries the other night from when I was in Paris last. One of my favourite memories was stumbling across the sweetest (geddit?!) bakery filled to overflowing with every kind of baked treat and sweet you could possibly think of. I, being the reserved not very sweet tooth that I am, almost sold them out. There was a slice of some kind of chocolate cake thing that was pure heaven. I even took photos as evidence. It was incredible! But I also selected for my morning tea 4 little sugary pastel coloured macaroons! And! They. Were. Delicious.
Therefore! Your aim for today! Find a macaroon shop/bakery/place that sells them, purchase a selection (you really do need a selection), and enjoy! Oui!

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