Thursday, September 2, 2010


*Update* Winner announced 13th September.

It's that exciting time of the year again my lovelies! The dustpan I bought years ago actually gets a workout, my hayfever goes absolutely crazy leaving me looking like a cross between rudolph and the people on those hayfever ads with the giant red noses (they based those characters on me, true story*), and all of the most beautiful flowers that exist burst forth with their pretty petals and perfumes! Springtime**! And what a better giveaway to er, give away, than a beautiful dusty pink handmade flower from the lurverly ladies at The Hummingbird Road. Perfect for just about anything (and how pretty for the Spring races) I almost kept it myself. But that would defeat the purpose of said giveaway, making this post somewhat obsolete. SO! Who wants it?!

Tell me what your all time favourite bloomin is, and to take the pressure of choosing from all of you my dear and lovely readers, I shall be popping all your names into a hat (pan or nearest bowl like instrument) and drawing at random! Living on the edge! The delightfully lucky winner shall be announced next Friday, so comment away! Floral style!

ps - and don't forget to check out all the other lovely goodies they have for sale over at The Hummingbird Road...oh so pretty!

pps - happy weekend! xx

*But not really.

** As made obvious by this lovely rain...


  1. My favourite blooms are hydrangeas. And gardenias. And peonies and david austin roses. And magnolias. And white tulips. And anything that will grow in my garden. Which so far is one single candy-floss pink azalea.

  2. My favourites are gardenias, and peonies, and dahlias, and roses. Oh and freesias. All the lovelies you put in my beautiful wedding bouquet x

  3. Tulips! Their bright cheery little heads just make me burst with happiness! Some itty bitty stems are poking their way up through my garden beds as I type, and I'm so excited to meet them!

    (PS - that first pic is GORGeous!)

  4. We really are spoilt for choice in Spring but I would have to say Peonies are my top pick! Just so very pretty in their gorgeous fluffy way.

  5. ooooh. i really like wildflowers like bluebells and snowdrops. so pretty in the scottish springtime!!!

  6. Sweet peas are my fave, my mother used to grow them up stakes in the garden and I would creep inside with my tea set and dolls, my first foray at garden parties!!

  7. I love vanda orchids. Especially purple ones. They last for ages, look great with greenery and have a modern edge.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Di x

  8. Cant go past sweetpeas without stopping and oogling over them...them put together with lavender is my absolute fav... and peonies on their on are just stunning to me...
    I love your work! :)

  9. Oooh I love jasmine. Its exotic, darkly pungent fragrance reminds me of sweltering summer nights & backyard parties of yore. Also the sprigs are very pretty when tucked behind your ear. So the perfume I spritzed on my wedding day was Bvlgari's Jasmine Noir.

  10. I love a good orchid - you can stare into them for hours and always find something new + beautiful in their delicate patterns!

  11. Oriental lilies take the cake. They fill the entire room with their wonderful scent and look beautiful when in full bloom!


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