Thursday, September 16, 2010


*Update - Winner announced 24th September*
It's that time of the week again my lovelies! The gorgeous ladies at Mor Cosmetics have sent over a delicious Little Luxuries set in Lychee Flower to send out with much trumpeting and fanfare to one of you! My reasons for excitement are threefold. Firstly, I love Mor. Secondly, the Lychee Flower scent wafting from this delightfully wrapped parcel is just, so, good. And thirdly, I love some good trumpeting and fanfare. Who doesn't?

As we come into Spring and start to realise that we may need to bare some skin (oh dear), why not use some delightful Mor products to get you buffed and shiny and smelling like flowers on a warm Summer's evening! Excellent plan. Now, obviously you could nip out to the shops and stock up on some of their beautiful products, OR you could enter our competition to win this entire Little Luxuries set! No brainer.

To enter all you need to do is comment below and let me know what your favourite scent is, and why. In a rhyme! Mine changes all the time. And seems to either be dirt cheap (ie the smell of freesias at night time) or a bit more expensive (darn exchange rate! I'm going to start shopping at duty free). But DO share!

I will, as always, be judging with the mind ferocity of a small woodland animal (they are ferocious), and the lucky winner will be announced next Friday the 24th. This one here's only for Sydney residents (sorry!)...but for all you internationals (and nationals) keep your eyes peeled (eww) for our next giveaway. It's going to be grand!

Have a wonderful weekend my dear's...enjoy the sunshine! xx

Don't forget to check out the rest of the gorgeous goodies on offer over at Mor Cosmetics...delicious!


  1. It used to be blood orange,but now its lychee flower
    it makes me feel so sassy and totally empowered
    the scent is truly so divine
    to wear it everyday would be so sublime

  2. Lemongrass or Lychee flower
    are scent you can't resist
    They entice, relax, inspire me
    In my house they would be missed.

    Lychee flower makes me feel at home
    And my wonderful guests also
    But with this fantastic prize
    I can take the scent
    Of home out on the road.

  3. Frangipani fragrance turns up the heat
    sexy sizzling exotically sweet
    completely Mor-ish in a 'glass' of its own
    that is one indulgence I can't postpone!

  4. At the risk of sounding sickly sweet
    And inducing a diabetic coma
    There is a single smell
    That’s my ALL TIME favourite aroma
    It’s the scent of my baby’s neck
    When she’s straight from the tub
    It’s absolutely gorgeous
    My sweet-smelling little bub
    It’s half her, half J&J
    Quite delicious, it has me transfixed
    In fact I’m going to go now
    As I need to get me a fix!

  5. The smell of freshly baked bread or cookies gets me every time! reminds me of being a kid and choosing cookies to bag at the Cookie Man. Thinking about it now makes me smile! =)

  6. Oh dear! It is ever so tricky
    when glorious scents are abounding to me!
    However, it seems I am forced to be picky.
    The fresh smell of rain fills me with glee,
    Although I have to admit on a bright sunny day
    a wonderfully quaint surprise has always been
    the aroma of honey blossom that sweeps me away!

  7. The smell of a florist,
    Is something I can't resist.
    It's a blessing and a treat,
    One I must insist.

    Springtime and blossom,
    Are the two things I love the most.
    So comforting and wonderful,
    Like warm buttered toast.

  8. Belladonna Lily always smells wonderful,
    Reminds me of my Granny's Garden,
    Sunny and warm, a place of beauty and surprises,
    The aroma always takes me back to somewhere in my childhood.

  9. I love the fresh clean smell of spring,
    And the beauty that the season brings,
    The blooming flowers and blossom trees,
    The chirping birds and buzzing bees.
    I love the fragrant spring time air,
    And the aroma of flowers, every-where :)


  10. Nothing beats the smell Of a new born bub
    It makes your heart melt with lub!

  11. Ooops, please disregard my entry. I shouldn't of skimmed your instructions on how to enter. Was too excited about winning a Mor product! lol. I'm a Queenslander. :(
    (Although I would offer to pay for postage If I won this fab prize :)

  12. The scent of jasmine outside my window
    Makes me feel so dizzy and aglow.
    It bombards my nose in such way
    That I hope it will be here,
    Always to stay.
    But when the weather turns cold
    And sadly autumn takes hold
    The warm scent of jasmine will be gone
    And my nose will be waiting till next spring anon.

  13. Gardenia Gardenia is oh so sweet
    it makes me smile and tap my feet
    When I smell that smell I feel all dizzy
    It makes my head go all fizzy


  14. I know that spring has come around
    And summer's almost here
    When the sweet perfume
    of the jasmine bloom
    Floats through the atmosphere

    It comes at night while stars are bright
    Then suddenly it's gone
    It's delicate scent
    From heaven sent
    At dusk until the dawn

    You'd be hard pressed to find a nose
    That doesn't love this fragrance
    Unless the twitch
    Of hayfever's itch
    Decides to make an appearance!

  15. Fresia at the back door
    Enticng me into the garden
    Lavender by the path
    Coaxing me towards the sunshine
    Roses standing majestic
    Spring gardens are irresitable.

  16. salt,sun and surf
    summer the time of rebirth
    i would love to be by the seashore
    smelling so yummy covered in Mor

  17. ooohh who was the lucky winner


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