Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Spring!

Bleary eyed and soggy toed* as the sun still slept this morning, hundreds of equally bleary eyed and soggy toed florists waited eagerly at the big rolling doors for the 5am call to open the market. As this one little bleary eyed and soggy toed florist was carried along to her favourite grower, she was suddenly overcome with happiness (as much as one can be at that time of the morning)! Her lovely little Ranunculus were back! Short little stems that will get longer throughout the season, and not too many colours, but they were most definitely back! And as is tradition, this happy little** florist eagerly snavelled a bunch of peach and raspberry and apricot coloured goodness for her bedside table, where they now happily sit and cheer her on. Inaudibly. Otherwise that would be a bit weird.

Happy Spring my lovelies! xx

* My wellies aren't waterproof. Kind of defeating the purpose, I hear you say. Valid point. Very valid point.
** I am of normal size.


  1. Yes!! Ranunculus are my favourite flower, hands down.
    The peonies poor cousin perhaps but my fav by far!

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful! Peonies are lovely but these are just as pretty - gorgeous colour too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. oh what a lovely job you have....
    i've always thought it must be wonderful to be a florist, but my horrendous hayfever quashes any chance of me following that path.


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