Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh to be in Paris!

Cool sunshine, chocolate crepes, galleries, markets, walking by the Seine, Creme brulee, the metro, chocolatiers, pastry, Sephora, French onion soup, wine bars, hazy pink and gold and purple sunsets, jet streams across the sky, the Eiffel Tower, bicycles, cruises on the Seine at night time, watching traffic from the Arc de Triomphe and wondering how people stay alive, tiny birds in the Tuilleries gardens, red coats, Monet, baguettes, raspberry tarts, Pont Neuf, the pedestrian bridge over the Seine, lots of stairs, Il Saint-Louis, sitting in cafes and watching the world go by, fresh green grapes from the side of the road, antique book stores, vintage markets...
images via rockstar diaries


  1. I'm going in three weeks...TWICE! I can't wait...what do you want from there...I think someone has a bday coming up! x

  2. Twice in 3 weeks?! SO jealous! And birthday gifts...ooh how exciting!! Import Sephora to Australia for me? No? How about you eat a chocolate croissant, a nutella crepe, and a raspberry tart for me. And a macaroon!:) x

  3. I will do that and take pictures of us eating all those yummy things!

    Sephora isn't even in frustrating as I am now addicted to Belle du Jour lipstick by NARS.

  4. Excellent! Make sure you stock up, anything by NARS is sooo good! x


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