Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding type fun!

Check out this gorgeous wedding from the super talented Jessica Peterson! They look happy. People should look happy at weddings. Ecstatically happy. Stupidly happy. They should look lovely, pretty and cheery*!

* See what I did there? Subtle advertising works the best. Yep. And I am smooth.


  1. Haha, smooth indeed.

    Love this wedding. The yellow is so cheery and endearing (cheerdearing?)!

  2. Ooh cheerdearing! It'll be in the Webster by 2001...mark my words. I love it! x

  3. those are those yellow flowers that i was trying to discribe to you! what are they called? they are the perfect yellow!

  4. oh I'm still so excited you're getting married!I have a feeling these are some kind of chrysanthemum, sort of like the ones you had from the car boot sale? but the ones you're looking for are called billy buttons, sometimes called billy balls...or if you're going to get really fancy, craspedia :) hope that helps! x


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