Wednesday, August 18, 2010

oh so pretty!

Some pretty, whimsical drawings brought to us by the super talented Clare Owens. So clever she's even been featured in Frankie this month...3 cheers for Clare! If you're in an office feel free to commence 3 cheer-ing on the inside. Otherwise...
Take her a lemon cake, some lovely scented tea and chat about all the lovely things in the world. Like sweet smelling Spring flowers and cosy flannel sheets and fresh made brownie with ice cream and discovering a lovely song that you can play on repeat for days on end and falling in love and making photo albums and throwing yourself into this grand adventure called life holding on with grubby fists to good things. And seeing the sunset and just how pretty it is.
They've been so pretty lately x
You thought I was joking about the lemon cake didn't you. Clare's waiting...

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