Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding type fun!

With my latest photographer crush, Sarah Yates Photography. She's one talented snapper*. I would quite like to frolic through a desert with a ginormous bunch of crazy coloured balloons. Yes indeedy! It's almost like that movie 'Up'. Except with the house, the heart wrenching first 5 minutes (and the rest, especially when he finds the rest of the should go and watch it. Now. Seriously), the old man and the funny little kid. So I suppose not really similar at all. However! As American's do engagement shoots on a really quite a spectacular scale, I thought I'd share! Enjoy! And maybe find some balloons and go running through a field someday soon. Just make sure you get the weight balance correct. It might be awkward to have to call emergency 000 from the, er, sky.
* Of the human kind, not a fish.

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