Monday, August 23, 2010

a markety weekend...

Good Monday morning my friends! I do hope the rainy gloom of today hasn't wiped the sunshine of your faces! It's been a long time since this little miss has had a full weekend to use at her whim, and so it was (after a lovely long lie in!) off to the markets! Paddington in the Wintery blustery sunshine is something to be experienced, and something I have sorely missed. The lovely Deby and I wandered aimlessly by the gorgeous flower stand, past the genius chocolate makers, through the lovely frilly clothes and weaved throughout the beautiful ceramics and herbs. I was absolutely spoiled by said friend as she purchased my new favourite piece of jewellery from the uber friendly Kyle at honeybee. How sweet are these?! Guess which one I got...

And I'm wearing it right now! Which for someone that wears almost no jewellery says something. We also purchased some beautiful Spring blooms, and although I'm quite aware that I'm at the flower markets most mornings and could purchase said blooms at half the price (shoosh!), there's something quite wonderful about buying flowers from the market. I greedily grabbed some beautiful poppies that are now sitting happily on my bedside table, new flowers open every morning in shades of lovely peach and raspberry, and Deby snavelled up the last of the pretty plum blossom (which just by the by, can be rather dangerous in a packed market. Note to self, buy flowers, go home).

I do hope you've all had a splendid weekend and were able to soak up some vitamin D! Or K. Or B? Sunshine.



  1. i guess the love story one!!

  2. correctomundo! and I still have it on! I feel as though it may become a daily staple...


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