Monday, August 9, 2010

a spot of shopping...

So yes. I went to Topshop. I visited Zara. I went into a strange shop called Joy! and found some pretty items. I dropped into TK Maxx and wandered through Primark. Is it sad if whenever travelling to the UK the shops excite me just a touch? No? Excellent.
These sandals are happily kicking back in my wardrobe (although in charcoal, in case anyone is wondering. Important detail) after being allowed approximately 20 minutes in Edinburgh Topshop. I know. 20 minutes? Madness.
And as Duty Free shopping is a somewhat distressing place for me now, especially when leaving bonny Scotland, I tend to feel strangely compelled to 'treat' myself. Don't worry, I'm having it looked into. But I went for "Dragon". It didn't make me miss the boy any less, but I do now have shiny nails, as bright as the sun!

The food was also exciting. I do like my food. I ate exorbitant amounts of fresh raspberries from the surrounding farms. I just missed brambling season (shambles*), but did get to pick a few wild berries, which was absurdly exciting. Especially when out at dusk, wandering through forests while the sun is setting. The sunsets were incredible. So pretty! There were loads of strawberries too. Berry good. Ha! Get it? It's like very good. But with berry. Because we were talking about berries. But you got that.

I also feel it is my duty to introduce you to potato waffles. Apparently everywhere but Australia, they just may be one of my new favourite foods ever. EVER. Like a hash brown, but so much better. AND you just pop them in the toaster! Food genius! Although the food that trumps them all will always and forever be Marks and Spencer chocolate cake mini rolls. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you haven't tried one of these, you haven't lived.

So yes. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'll get gloriously fat. Although with the berries in there it's obviously a balanced diet. There's still hope yet!
Many more things to share yet...but just a snippet of my wee adventure!
* dedicated to the always lovely Chirsty, who stayed lovely, even when smelling of creosote x

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