Friday, August 20, 2010


**Update** Winner's announced Friday 27th August...congratulations! xx

Its exciting, I know. Whenever any words are surrounded on BOTH sides with little star like thingies, it's bound to be exciting. And more than that, not only is it a *****GIVEAWAY*****'s also a *****FRIDAY*****!!! Which means, it's the weekend tomorrow!!! The sunshine is beckoning, the ocean is a sparkly pool of turquoise and sapphires, the bush trails are calling bright with beautiful wildflowers in coral and cream and gold. Or a sleep in sounds pretty nice too.

BUT! Today (*****GIVEAWAY FRIDAY*****, in case you forgot) is brimming with possibilities! How, you ask? Good question. The absolutely lovely Stephanie over at Fletcher & Grace has given us 3 sets of beautiful Antoinette Cushion Cut earrings to hand out willy nilly to whomever we choose. Ha! It's not that easy my lovelies! You'll have to earn it! How, you ask? Again? Excellent questions today, really. It's quite simple. There are 3 different colours (clear, tea rose and quartz) that I have here in my very reluctant hands, so all you need do is leave a comment telling me which colour you would like and why. And to be a little more interesting, the location/date/event you would first wear them on/to (it does not have to be real, just for funsies).

Now, keep in mind, these gorgeous little earrings are worth $65 for a pair, so I shall be judging this like it was Wimbledon 1892 and there was a line call challenged on a championship point and instead of that handy little camera we have now it's all up to the umpire who through the haze of dirt and stench of sweat and heady anticipation of a win has to make the call.

Gosh. Talk about pressure.

The super lucky winner's shall be announced next Friday, so get cracking my sweets!

And I hope you all have a beautifully sunshiny weekend! xx
ps - have a quick look at all the other gorgeous treats Fletcher & Grace have on offer...and be sure to say a quick hello to Stephanie! x


  1. I adore the clear ones, because they would suit my wedding dress PERFECTLY! (And earrings are the only jewellery I will be wearing that day!) xx

  2. I love the light silver color ones!!! I love them all actually!! If I were so lucky to be the winner I would wear them to my husbands gigs at the casino,his gigs at nice parties and I would wear them to my best friends wedding that is coming up soon!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the silver/clear one!
    They can match 99% of all outfits, giving it a touch of elegance!
    I would wear them in an up coming photoshoot I've booked with my photographer for my pregnancy photos! I'm going to be wearing a really pretty evening gown, party dresses and lastly a plan singlet. This will go with EVERYTHING! :)

  4. For the first time I don't mind if I sound like a bridezilla, but I WOULD REALLY REALLY LOVE The clear ones! I saw these little treasures in a bridal mag months ago but never got a chance to find find them. I would love to wear them on our wedding day in two weeks on the 4th of September in Newcastle. I think they would suit our vintage style dress perfectly!

  5. Ohhhh “tea rose” how delightful!

    The beautiful pinkiness of these lovely little gems makes me feel blissfully happy!! Just like Turkish Delight does when one nibbles through the chocolate and sees the first glimpse of the pink “delight” sparkling through … awwww heaven!

    Which leads me to “who, what, why and when?”…

    I would love to reward myself with these precious gems when I finish losing 32.2kgs and guess what – I’m exactly half way there – YAYAY!!! I can see the light sparkling at the end of the tunnel!!

    But, enough about that, it’s much more fun in the land of dreaming in sparkling, pickiness - where I’ve found myself at The Oscars, glamorously walking down the red carpet with photographers trying to catch my attention, asking me who I’m wearing?, to which I reply - “why, Fletcher & Grace of course” – hiehiehie!

    Love, Sazzel-Bedazzel

    PS - I'm 100% sure Turkish Delight is a key ingredient for successful weight loss!

  6. It is incredibly hard to chose out of such gorgeous colours but I have to pick tea rose. My love for all things girly and vintage with a touch of French flair attracts to me these how could I not?? With a name like Antoinette and tea rose….

    Anyway I could say the same as everyone (which I wouldn’t be lying) I am to be wed on 25th Sept in a gorgeous old chapel in a vintage fish tail gown and I have pulled on Marion Cotillard as my inspiration… so with my wedding 5 or so weeks away I have my earrings which I love so I am not going to wear them for that event but would like to use them for the one before it…

    I am having a 1920's themed hens and would love to gift these off to my wonderful best friend and maid of honour… She has had a tough year with her father passing and me being a bride to deserve more then this but I feel it would be a good start….

    I would love her to wear these on my wedding day as her dress is all black and this would just add that special sparkle that she is needing…

    So although I would love to steal these for myself please feel kind enough to give these to me to pass onto my friend.

    P.S I can email though a pic of the night as evidence : )

  7. Rose all the way for me please. I will wear my hair rolled up in a french curl circa 1958, with a string of dashing white pearls and offset with a tad of deep crimson lipstick. I will await my sweetheart (who just so happens to call me rose bud, highly appropriate don't you think?) to whisk me away for a night of fine dining and frivolities, and maybe a quick watlz or two under the sparkle of the starry night.

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  9. **to preceed this message I am going to say that I wrote this entire thing and then it erased...***

    One day a long time ago a fair-haired beauty journeyed across the oceans to live in the land of Queens, Crumpets and Cricket. As a girl from her Diva mother she was given a 4 carat quartz ring. This ring sparkled like the sea on a warm summers evening. It was beautiful.

    The fair-haired beauty was on her way to that dreaded place called work, when an evil city witch knocked her over as she disembarked on those electric carriages that resemble a snake, that people in modern times call a train.

    That city witch ran off and left the fair-haired beauty crying as her beautiful quartz ring was no longer on her hand but clearly under the belly of that metal snake.

    Many years later the fair-haired beauty was attending a social gathering called a Birthday Party in posh Notthinghill when she met a gorgeous girl from the land down under (cue cheesy music). These two girls quickly became fast friends chatting about fringes and hair dye but sadly soon parted ways as that gorgeous girl from the land down under (music, please) had to go home…to the land down under.

    This gorgeous girl from the land down under (yep, music once again) wrote what we called a blog (who knows why, but those modern people have funny words) which the fair-haired beauty read. One mid-summers day (well it was late summer in the land of Queens, Crumpets and Crickets and winter in the land down under [cue music] but mid summers day sounds wonderful), the fair-haired beauty saw that the blog was giving away three pairs of earrings. Right away the beauty saw there were QUARTZ earrings and she knew that she would have to have them. Sadly, many leagues of water lie between those earrings and that fair-haired beauty.

    So, she decided she would have to enter the contest. Hence, this tale of woe will soon come to an end. The fair-haired beauty wants the gorgeous girl from the land down under (that music is really starting to get annoying), to know that she will wear them when a yet-to-be-determined prince decides she is adorable and takes her on a date to a fancy restaurant. And if not, probably before then because the fair-haired beauty knows that EVERY girl, princess, queen, pauper or commoner MUST sparkle.

    With that the tale ends but not before the fair-haired beauty tells that gorgeous girl that she must come back to the land of Queens, Crumpets and Crickets so they can have scrumptious tea and shortbread together and compare current hairstyles… ;)

    The End…

  10. Its funny, I have spent the past month searching high and low for jewellery for our wedding next month (we are getting married in Firenze, Italy! I can't wait!) I'm not asking for much just a necklace and pair of earrings to go with my vintage inspired dress... but belieive me there is not much to choose from in Christchurch, NZ! Today, felt like giving up but decided to see what I could find in my home country, I discovered the amazing Fletcher & Grace jewellery range and (with sweaty palms and excitement building) knew that I had found my wedding jewellery! The clear ones would be gorgeous with the Vintage Glamour Tassel Pendant I plan to wear...
    I would absolutely love to take these earrings with me to Italy - I would definately feel glamorous & gorgeous!
    Best, Melissa

  11. Quartz...every day...for simple, stylish sophistication. Delightful!

  12. I would love to win the tea rose ones. Then I would wear them to a wedding. (Not my own. As a guest!)
    Thanks a bunch.

  13. I like them all, thought the Tea Rose and Quartz are 'me'. I would wear them out on a dinner date with my husband. We would like to go to a new local fish restaurant. The children will stay at home with their grandmother and be in bed at 8pm (we hope).
    The next day I would wear them to school pick up so all the other Mums could ohhh and aghhh over them!

  14. I so enjoy reading all the romantic tales that are shared on littleprettycheerythings.
    Unfortunately I have not experienced any romance in my life thus far.
    Yet the dream shimmers in the hazy distance, and yes, I wistfully long after it.

    Should I wake one day, from this dream to find the reality of a real-life romance waiting expectantly for me, wouldn't it be wonderful to have the man of my dreams be across from me. Know that he loves me for who I am, yet has great enjoyment in sharing the beauty of a moonlit evening together, me in a dress, with Quartz Antoinette Cushion Cut earrings adorning me, glistening in the moonlight. Feeling both beautiful on the outside and beautiful within. *sigh*

    Perchance, conceivably the haze will lift, the dream will become a reality, and the man for me will be waiting expectantly for me. And yes, maybe that set of earrings will be waiting too...
    Either way, the journey shared by others, my lovely littleprettycheerythings is a beautiful gift to give.
    Keep sharing,
    Keep loving,
    May we keep hoping.

  15. I love the quartz ones! I'd give them to my maid of honor to wear at our black tie wedding :)

    yepfinleywedding at gmail dot com

  16. am i the only one not getting married?! i guess the next big event in my life will be the birth of our daughter (evidently a bastard child in this neck of the woods) in november so i could wear them then i suppose, but i may end up tearing them out of my ears as agonising pain takes over my body. hmm, maybe not then...
    but if i can make up an event, maybe i'll go for my wedding too (it's obviously catching). not for another 5-6 years though. i have a very clear image of pikelette (yes, that's her name) bopping down the aisle with me to some funky-arse music, her dad smiling at the other end at our silliness. eek, makes me grin just thinking about it. :)

    (love the tea rose, but quartz for versatility. just in case the the event turns out to be vacuuming the house, the quartz won't clash with my blue dressing gown).

  17. Tea Rose for me.
    I am 56 and getting married shortly. Yes, I know, an old bag, but I am still glamorous, I promise. 2nd wedding by the way. My beautiful dress would look divine with these earrings, my long hair will be worn in an elegant chignon type of style, low at the neck.
    Kate W, that romance is just around the corner for you, and if you win the earrings you will be wearing them when "Mr Right' comes sailing into the sunset.......

  18. Sweet heart, you have so much reading to do so I will make it quick. My mumma always said (when i was little and dressing up in her ball gowns) I could get my ears pieced when I have a man who'll put real diamonds in them. That theory never sat well with me. So i turned from a princess into a tomboy. To this day (I'm 26)- my ears remain unadorned. I still love dressing up into pretty dresses and heels and I know i must remedy my empty ear lobes. Maybe the perfect pair of ear-rings gleaming and glistening at me will make me do so? I think they are all beautiful - I could not choose! x

  19. I've been trying think all day where I'd wear these. Because I'm totally smitten. And can't get them off my mind. But the truth is, I can't think of anywhere fancy I'd wear them. I have two bubs. I struggle to shower regularly and I have a rotating system of three pairs of tracksuit pants.
    But I did think a somewhere fancy. I'd like to wear these amazingly gorgeous earings (my favourite are the clear ones) to my 10am tea party I have each morning with my little girl. If I turned up with these "prettiest" I'd be the coolest mummy ever!

  20. I'm not going to lie, I would wear them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays. Nothing perks a blogger up like a little sparkle and who says these pretties have to be for special occasions? Break them out with the ugg boots and scarfs I say!


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