Monday, August 9, 2010

107 ways to say 'I love you'...

Brought to us by Women's Day, August 1968, special Love Issue.
I won't lie. There are some brilliant ideas here.
  • Get him a goldfish and name it after him.
  • Stop reading this page and stare at him, hard.
  • Say "Good morning" first.
  • Write him a letter and tell him you wish some of your joint love could be put in a tiny time capsule so people would know about it years from now.
  • Put your chair next to his favourite reading chair (even if it does mess up the furniture arrangement).
  • Get him a long shoehorn and some new shoe laces.
  • Put two "I love you" notes in his socks.
  • Think of a country outing to go on together. And dot on freckles if you're not lucky enough to have your own.
  • Call his mother again.
  • Keep his cologne in the fridge. He'll love the fresh electric shock of pre-chilled cologne.
  • Hum "Silent Night" while he dozes of to sleep.
  • Put a fresh carnation in his lapel.
  • Pat him on the head for his business efforts. Let him know you know it's tough.
  • Greet him at the door wearing a false moustache. He'll think you're a nut but probably kiss you anyway.
  • Visit your local lingerie lair and fetch something fetching.
  • Buy him an interesting tie.
  • Wrap a flower chain around the banister heading upstairs.
  • Learn how to make fried bananas without destroying them. It takes a lot of light handed practice.
  • Call him "Sweet Pea".
  • Get a set of matching shower caps.
  • Buy him new underwear. Let him know you care about his comfort 24 hours a day.
  • Pat him on the head some more.
  • Tickle his toes.
  • Find out how to say "I love you" in Chinese and make him a chop suey dinner.
  • Call him "Adonis" at the breakfast table.

And OH how I wish I had time to write some more...


  1. I LOVE this. So funny. Might try some this week with my hubby. :)

  2. I put a love you note in his lunch box today hidden under his sandwich. Not quite socks but he appreciated it none the less. Will have to try some of the others too.


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