Friday, August 6, 2010

once upon a time...part 3...

once upon a time a young lass escaped to the land of william wallace and seagulls the size of small sheep. hounded by exhaustion and stress balls the last thing she expected to stumble across was a love story one could only imagine happened in fairy tales. but stumble across love she did, and it has been an adventure that will go down in the history books somewhere under the headings 'simply lovely' and 'better than anything the girl could have ever imagined'. if such headings existed.
this boy that stole her heart had not only followed the girl to the royal mile and big ben, but he'd sat in a tin bird (rather uncomfortably) and eaten strange white fruit with black seeds in it just to see her in the land of giant red rocks and dusty desert plains.
now it was the girls turn to head back to the land of wild moors and loch ness monsters, and spend some time highland dancing. kidding. not that she can't flail her limbs about with the best of them. but that's a story for another time.
the boy looked after the girl smashingly. they went on adventures you might only hear about in books of olde, travelling to buckie to get a fishing net from stormy pete, early morning international deliveries accompanied by the most beautiful sunrises, and exciting treks to such exotic places such as tesco and topshop. the boy even surprised the girl with a holiday to the land of green and clover. although no leprechauns were spotted, the girl bestowed upon the lucky boy some tin whistle tunes at the magnificent giants causeway, which was a special moment for them both. they travelled to the land of cricket and corgi's and had a splendid time meeting friends, making friends, and eating tea and toast on quite the regular basis. even though the girl was encouraged to spit out the window when crossing the border, it was quite clear the boy had had a smashingly good time too.
but once again, this adventure had to end. the magnificent craggy green hills dotted with fluffy white sheep, antique centres, cheaper than chips sweeties, the bright night skies and the delicious lemon marmalade will keep. the haggis pastries may not, but the girl will get by.
there was another soggy farewell at the place where they check suitcases and then lose them (indeed). the girl needs to remember not to wear mascara on such occasions. or make sure it's waterproof. my gosh. and so the girl will begin a new countdown which will end when the boy arrives on these sandy shores once more. and although not wishing time away, will wish with all her heart, fingers and toes, that he gets here soon.
very soon.



  1. Aw... tears in my eyes. So sweet. And happy and heart wrenching all at once.

  2. Oh sigh, such loveliness for this sunny afternoon... my heart is all bouncy joy for you deary! x

  3. oh good god, i'm welling up. so lovely.


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