Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage lovelies...

As it is unofficially wedding week what with the expo and me overhearing someone planning their wedding in Woolies last night*, lets continue with some more pretties from the lovely Steph at Fletcher & Grace! Such beautiful vintage pieces, plus some stunning reproductions and lovely new collections just coming in now. Bake a pie and stop in for a cup of tea, Steph would like that. Or just have a browse through the beautiful collections at her online store. Either or.

Also! My Easter eggs are almost gone. This is most sad.

*Not planning her wedding IN Woolies, but planning it IN Woolies. Just to clarify.

images (from third down)
One off vintage earrings
Hollywood Deco Leaf Statement vintage style crystal earring
One off Vintage necklace

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  1. Well Hamish and Andy did plan for a wedding and reception to take place in a coles supermarket store recently, so no imagination required (i saw pictures, video). Still, no matter what these boys do I can only love them. xx


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