Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guest Blog :: A little bit of sunshine goes a long way

Happy Wednesday All!

Today is a splendid day - Why? Because I've declared it to be so. Or perhaps it's because I can't help but feel bright and cheery looking at these lovely pics from this outdoor wedding. I know, this is Nicola's domain, clearly! And not mine, because I've never been the type of girl with the stack of wedding magazines under her bed. Nope, pretty sure I had shoes, dolls and various other bits and pieces.. so it's weird that Nicola and I are friends really because we are complete opposites in this department (for starters...she knows what she's on about) but I like photos and these ones especially. (Oh and we're friends because - well in case you haven't noticed, she's awesome) Bright happy fun sunshine yellow times - who could resist?! Not John Denver. Or Little Miss Sunshine. Gosh that was a good movie. (Note to self, must watch more Steve Carell movies)
Besides..I've always liked tree houses.


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