Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

With inspiration taken from Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010 Ready to Wear. As is the case with all of my looks. Obviously. Ha! Not really. Am much to low maintenance. And poor. And quite like wearing pants. Which we'll get to. But this Friday has flown around (yay!) and as it's getting chillier and darker it strikes me as being very appropriate (and because all the people that actually know about beauty are saying the same thing) that it might be fun to glam things up a little with your slap. Rosy cheeks, red lips, liquid liner. Which is not so low maintenance. Reeeally should have thought this through.

Take these lovely two ladies, ready for their close up in gay Paree, nice variations in colour for the blondes and brunettes amongst us (my GOSH I think of everything...). Whenever I wear red lipstick I become extremely aware of my lips, which is a somewhat unusual feeling. But it is a very handy trick when I've had several loooong days and the bags under my eyes rival those big brown ones in American movies at the local supermarket, drawing attention away from said bags to bright lips. Even if I feel like death! Good times.

And these are just in here because if I became friends with the lovely lads at D&G and we were hanging out in Morocco or wherever one of their many properties is, drinking mojitos, and offered me my pick of their latest, I would be all 'Stefano, Stefano, I would NEVER abuse our relationship by taking free clothes from you and mooching of your generosity! But if I must, I've marked in your lookbook the things I would like, and written my size next to them. And my mailing address.' And Stefano would be all, 'I know your size.' And it would be a little awkward. But then lunch would be brought out and it'd all be ok.

Pants optional. As always.
Happy weekend! x
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