Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guest Blog :: Rest + Retail Therapy for the Weary

Hello! And boy Wednesdays come around fast! It’s morning tea time unofficially, but I need a break and so I've invented a stop for my brain’s sake break. It works, trust me. I do hope you had an enjoyable extra long weekend. Deep sigh of relief for most I would think. Although Friday I spent much of the day convincing myself it was ok to be spralled out on the couch for once, watching mindless television goodness - such as a How I met your mother.
My head still says Doogie Howser MD. Love that guy in a you’re so inappropriate but still funny kind of way. He’s also in these deodorant commercials that I find particularly hilarious.

I did however push through and prove once again I can relax and shop. And shop I did. My wardrobe was in need of attention..and it did make me feel better...but now I’ve spied some truly awesome items I may need to save my pennies for..or at least dream and wonder if I can pull off such a look. Whaddaya reckon?

Do hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. It's short one! You can do it. Yay!



  1. love them! especially the striper blazer. oh so much...

  2. cool huh. im thinking those exact pants too.


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