Monday, April 12, 2010

beautiful books...

As the Summer breeze turns chilly and the blue skies get darker and the thought of baking pies becomes a very good one indeed, there's nothing better than curling up in a lamp lit room filled with yummy candles and tasty snacks (hello gym membership) and books that are filled to bursting with their pretty and inspiring pictures. And being the super generous person I am, I thought I'd share a few of my favourites! I know. It's exciting.

At the top is one of the best illustrated books I have in my stack by the cosmetic queen Natalie Bloom. Full of prettiness! Then there's any cookbook by Tessa Kiros...just so beautiful! I only have Apples For Jam, but I could sit and look at it for days. The colours and the photographs are so gorgeous...I've pretty much forgotten it's a cookbook. And the best bit? The food is sorted by colours! Genius! And then Ms Carla Coulson beguiles us with her beautiful photos in My French Life and Italian Joy, two of my treasured possessions from when I got the staff discount at Borders. Ahh staff discount, how I do miss thee.

So! As it would seem I'm 24 on the outside and 76 on the inside, I hereby allow you on the next rainy and chilly night to stay in, bake a pie, read a good book, wear your daggiest/comfiest trackies, and hope to high heaven no one comes to your door. Enjoy! x

top image from lets shop
3rd & 4th image from Penguin

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