Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guest Blog :: what have you done for me lately?

Good Morning!
With all this talk of ash and clouds, airspace and Iceland…I thought I would venture out and pay homage to the great country that Iceland is and hand out some bigups (gosh I sound so street) to the stuff that Iceland has brought to the world. Thanks for the ash and holdups – not really, but hey Iceland has some good points, it’s brought great things to this world we live in. Erm..so what are they?

Eyjafjallajokull volcano To be honest, I didn’t know they had one. But cool. And now I do. I think the world got an education.

Has to be said, she’s unique. Gifted even. How many Icelandic singer-songwriters, actresses do you know?

Sigur Rós
The strange ethereal sounds of this band are a little mystifying upon first listen. But I like.

And for those trivia fanatics – some little known facts about the country
- Dried fish was used for money in the country in 1413.
- Beer was banned in Iceland until March 1989. (not so devo about this... but maybe a tragedy for some?)
- Rabbits were imported to Iceland from Spain in 1976. Some were later released into the wild and began to compete with the native puffin birds, which breed in burrows.

Thanks, Luce I’ll add that to my pile of things I never needed to know, but now do.
You're Welcome.

Oh and good news –
Heathrow is open for business! Woot!

Happy Wednesday All!


PS. Thanks wiki and others.

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