Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunshine award...

In the midst of a (metaphorically) grey week, I've been nominated for a Sunshine Award! And from none other than the lovely Denise over at Little Pheasant, florist extraordinaire and New York friend from over the seas. I had to do a little research but it seems a sunshine award is 'awarded to blogger's whose positivity and creativity inspire others', and am very chuffed to have received this cheery orange daisy!
Pop over and have a look-see at Denise's blog...she's one clever lady. And if you're ever in Brooklyn NY be sure to stop by. She'd like that. Take cake. I think she'd like that even more.

And now for my nominations, where you can find...

beautiful inspiration at amouramour
even more beautiful inspiration with Little Jane St
even even more beautiful inspiration at my polaroid blog
gorgeous weddings at polkadot bride
inspiration and a good sniggle at the sunday project
beautiful flowers at little pheasant
super lovely photography at michelle fiona Photography

aaand I'm sure there are loads I've forgotten, but I'll add them as I think of them. My mind is a foggy mess to which I shall self administer chocolate. So! Enjoy! Say hello to these lovely ladies for me. And looky here, I do believe it's time for another pot of tea! And chocolate...

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  1. Thank you! It is so sweet of you! Sending you some sunshine back xxx


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