Monday, December 21, 2009

On the 4th Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

Anything from T2. Everything from T2. 4 Things from T2. Gorgeous mismatched teacups, delicious green teas, beautiful little strainers and lovely teapots. I believe you can even buy gift vouchers at this heavenly spot, so if you're stuck and would prefer not to run around like a headless chicken (they really do that you know, which is just a weird mental image to be seeing right now...) at your local Westfield with the masses tomorrow, go into your local Westfield (ok so this just backfired, but stay with me), don't make eye contact, keep your elbows in and wear running shoes. Head straight for T2, buy lots of treats and vouchers, and I guarantee your Aunty/Mum/arty friend/sensitive friend/hippy friend/stressed friend will love you. And not just because you're wearing your sparkly Christmas earrings. Even though they look hot.

Merry Christmas! xx

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  1. I am completely addicted to the T2 Peppermint tea, it's like a soft, fluffy pillow in a mug.


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