Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas treeeeee!

So it would seem I'm slightly allergic to Christmas trees. I was being all 'independant woman' carrying it into the house by myself (which just by the by is very similar to throwing oneself into a forest of pine needles only coming up when oxygen is necessary) and enjoying the pine-y smell when I realised my legs were just a touch itchy. Note to self - do not wear short skirt when frollicking through Christmas tree fields, or when lugging said tree indoors. Itcherama. Anyway, unless I'm planning on spending Christmas IN the tree I think we'll get by just fine. Especially if it stays all fat and bushy and green and lovely smelling.
So this is a family pic of our lovely chosen tree before we er, killed it.
Hurrah for Christmas! xx


  1. ugh i am highly allergic to Christmas trees. My family could never have a real tree & now my boyfriend has an fake tree (and hates it). I feel your pain!

  2. I love it when you go all "indepenent woman". Hehehe. And Christmas IN the tree sounds delightful. Like we're little christmas coloured munchkin creatures, sitting on the branches, swinging our legs and singing christmas songs in high pitched chipmunk voices.

  3. You gotta order an Oxfam tree- they DELIVER! Plus it's charitable, and it still smells superb without the chopping it down aspect x


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