Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Two more shots from our super fun and fabulous headpiece shoot a few weeks back! This is really just sneaky way of me bludging on our beauty post, as I had 1 hour of sleep last night and then showered with my socks on. I took that to mean I should not enter into any heavy discussions nor cock fights, as we all know betting on fowl when incoherent can lead to unusual situations. But also, discussing anything that will need to make sense is probably not going to happen. Therefore, one simple rule for party season. Use colour. It's more fun. It's more flirty. It's more fun. Wait.

Try not to look like a clown though. That's not really the look we're going for. Unless you're a clown. In which case I'd like to know how you all get in the tiny cars. Seriously...I'm intrigued.
Happy weekend my lovelies xx
snaps by Lizzy Allnutt

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