Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

On a Monday! Woo!
Mainly because of work, but also because 'tis the season to get horrifically overworked leaving not one miniscule secomondo for my little blog. Very sad. BUT! Situation rectification (if that does indeed make sense)! Exciting news from the er, news rooms of rubyandjoy! I got a fringe! A kindergarten fringe! You know, the ones that start half way back of your head? Yep! I went from super low maintenance hair for Summer, to super high! GOOD times! Worthy of another exclamation mark! But the good news it it hides those little fluffy bits of hair that stick up from the side of my head and tend to look like little devil horns. And know one wants devil horns.
When I went to my hairdresser (who by the way is having a baby and leaving, crapola!) I took this pic of lovely Rachel Bilson. Because I look so much like her. Ha! Not. But I had you going for a second there yes? Yes.

And Kiera, looking all minxy, in the pic I took when I wanted to make the swaperoo from blondette to brunette. I colour it myself now so it looks nothing like this. But I like to think we have some similarities, Kiera and I. We wear eyeliner, for starters. And we have hair.

I didn't take this pic to the hairdressers at any point, but it would seem Sienna here has copied my fringe idea. Even if this image is rather old. And she lives well, a long way away. Its the only way this makes any sense at all.
And I've no idea who this muffin is, but doesn't she have a pretty fringe? Now, if you've got to this point of this post, and are thinking 'whats with all the crazy fringe talk?!', you've passed the test! What test is this? The 'you've figured out what I'm talking about test!'. Harder to pass than you'd think.

And of course, Miss Kate. I'd like to think if I had money to buy excessive things like pet monkeys (not saying Kate does), I would have good hair. Effortless good hair. But unfortunately I just don't think I would. No one can tame those horns. Seriously. They laugh at product. If they could laugh.
SO! I think I've spread enough wisdom for one day, but shall leave you with just a spot more. Fringes are fun. Even if they are a pain in the arse. Now wasn't that worth waiting for?


  1. Agreed. I love my fringe that I cut myself. Even though it does strange things when the wind blows or I lean my forehead on something or sleep or do basically anything. And now that my cousin-hairdresser-bff is back from her stint in Melbourne (she's been living there the last year and a half), it may actually get cut straight. I'm not so good with straight lines.

  2. i've jut been reading this as trying to decide on a fringe and also have 'horns'....made me laff right proper.....and - BONUS - I like your fringe ideas and now have more pictures to take to the hairdressers so they don' bog it up (like last time...theyturned me into a goth when I asked for some lowlights to counteract /tame my was truely horrific..horror of horrors....falling short of starvation/war/disease etc..) I think I'm also going to go blonder. Yes..looking at tha sienna pic I think I can never go too blonde right?! anyway....just thught I'd shre my fringe appreciation with you...even if your post is over a year old! Philippa


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