Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Pop up Shop - Sydney


And a very good evening to you my dear blog readers! How are you this fine Tuesday evening? I am currently admiring our gorgeous Christmas tree which I am completely in love with. I am also considering very important issues such as - when should I cook my Christmas cake? - and - I wonder if my squirrel decoration on our Christmas tree needs a pal?

It has been a MEGA busy few weeks here at rubyandjoy HQ, and so I am redirecting your attention to this excellent sounding pop up shop in Sydney! Hooray for pop up shops! Now, you know we've been quite keen to encourage you all to support the local and small businesses, especially handmade this year, and this is a great way to do that easily. There is going to be some seriously cool stuff there, and if I were somewhere closer to Surry Hills than say, Scotland, I'd be there!

And so I very kindly ask you to take my place, chat to those lovely makers who will be very excited to see you (it can get awfully lonesome in a wee studio) and stock up on extra gorgeous gifts - hooray's all round!

Located at The Paramount Building in Surry Hills, and open from Thursday 12th - Sunday 15th. Check out their facebook page here for more info.

And because you're just DYING to see it, here's a wee snap of our Christmas tree. Isn't she lovely?! You could write a song about that...


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