Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - poosac

Rushing back from London for a market in Edinburgh meant I was up at 5am on Saturday morning for a flight. These are the days I seriously consider becoming a coffee drinker! It did not start well, as I lost my boarding pass in the airport between security points. By the time I'd made it back onto Scottish soil (I had to race from one end of the airport to another to get a reprint - way to early for that kind of rushing!), I was as present as I could be, but not all the lights were on, if you know what I mean?

However! After I'd set up my table and husbando had delivered me a hot chocolate (gold star to him!), I was able to have a quick wander around the market. Even with my senses dulled by lack of sleep I did not miss these gorgeous creations! Check out poosac and their lovely little Etsy store here. All of these super sweet creatures are handmade, and have so much character!

I've seen loads of variations of the 'shop handmade' and 'shop local' movements recently, and hope we've been able to help you find some real treasures so far! It really is a lovely thing, to buy a gift for someone which has been made with so much love. 

If you're an Edinburgh-ian and around on the 7th/8th of December, I'll be doing my last market before Christmas at The Assembly Rooms. Not only can you say hello to me (score!), but there'll be LOADS of other gorgeous makers with their gorgeous products there - over 120! If you've got the handmade bug, come along for a lovely day out!

Don't forget to say hello to Mr Reindeer (above), and I hope you're week begins magnificently!


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