Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Miri

Ahoy me hearties! What are you up to today? I'm hosting a Gingerbread-House-making-night for 70 women tonight, so there is icing and there are bags sweets absolutely everywhere! HOORAY! So very quickly, as there is holly to be hung and lights to be strung (ooh, a rhyme!), you must check out the sweetest Miri! I have a squirrel print and a grumpy cat, and my wordy, I absolutely adore them! Based in Wales, there are also badges, there's lovely jewellery and there's new mugs - yippee!

This is happy kitty - before he gets grumpy... 

Put on your cosiest boots and get yourself over to see all the loveliness at Miri pronto - and make sure you say hi from me! I'm away to get the Gingerbread House fun started!


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