Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Meet the Makers - The Little Paper Pantry

Good morning lovelies! It is a blustery and cold Wednesday morning here, which made getting out of bed mucho difficult! But today we have the gorgeous Madi from The Little Paper Pantry on the blog, and I'd like you to make her welcome! She is a dear friend of mine, and is incredibly clever at making beautiful paper-y delights. Read on to hear about her favourite things at Christmas time...

Do you make specific Christmas items, or just stick with your usual all year products? 

Every year my family decides on a specific theme for Christmas. This means the table decorations, the tree and even our outfits need to match this theme. So, I love to design special wrapping paper and tags/cards for all the gifts under the tree…this year the theme is “tropical” These new designs usually find themselves onto our Little Paper Pantry shelves as well, so keep an eye out for some fun and fruity designs!

What have you got on your Christmas list this year? 

We’ve all decided that this year we would only be giving handmade gifts. So, I have handmade jewellery, a crochet blanket, marmalade and some soft cheese on my list

What is your favourite part of your Christmas day? 

Going to church with all my loved ones, fantastic food (of course), the much needed nap after all the eating and then waking up in the late afternoon and having another bowl of trifle with my tea.

What do you use for inspiration for your work? 

We love the 1950's and find a lot of inspiration from that era, from the glamorous timeless fashion to the idea of the perfect housewife, ‘a domestic goddess’. This era is a popular ingredient in many of our designs. We also can't seem to stay away from patterns and flowers and other prettiness. We can be inspired by a lovely cup of fragrant tea or reading some blogs and magazines...the list is endless really. A season can even be inspiring...I especially love Christmas time with all the family and friends, specially wrapped gifts and yummy food. It all fills my heart with joy and that inspires me to make beautiful things.

Rocky road or fruit cake? 

I LOVE the smell of fruit cake baking, but don’t like all the fruit in it (conundrum!), so I usually opt for the Rocky Road instead. If only there could be a fruitless fruit cake…or fruit cake flavoured rocky road?

If you were going to a Christmas dinner party, what would you take as a hostess gift? 

I would usually take some beautifully wrapped fruit cake or cookies in a cute tin with a lovely tag or card…all handmade of course


Skip yourself over to The Little Paper Pantry and say hello here! A big thank you to Madi for hanging out with us for a while, and now, as it's a Wednesday (unless you're still confused) and because any excuse will do, it must be time to put the carols on? Yes? 


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