Friday, November 22, 2013

market madness begins..

Good morning to you on this beautiful morning - actual blue skies and everything! Today I'm off to Edinburgh to set up for the Assembly Rooms Christmas Fair. This involves a lot of packing, sorting, cleaning, packing, organising, list writing, packing and lets be honest, cookie eating. It's extra fun (*cough*) because on Saturday husbando will be at St Andrews for rubyandjoy, as we're having a market stall there too!

I hope we'll manage to see loads of you lovely folk, please do stop by and say hi if you can! All of the details of both events are on the facebook page - it's going to be grand!

I hope you have a magnificent weekend, whatever you're doing, and blogging will resume it's normal service early next week - hooray! I'm off to pack. Or eat a cookie. Decisions, decisions...

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