Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Paper Snapdragon

Good afternoon to you my dear blog readers! I hope you're having a lovely day? It's a beautiful Autumn-y day here, clear blue skies, golden leaves falling off trees and crunching beneath your boots, an absolutely arctic wind which will knock your socks off if they're not thermal, or at the very least thick and woolly. But I am inside, and I have leftover birthday cake - win!

Today we have the gorgeous Paper Snapdragon on the blog! Check out Cath and her beautiful artworks here. As we continue down our merry path of handmade gifts for Christmas, why not consider giving someone a gorgeous piece of art? Splendid idea, I say, jolly good chap! And the best part is, not only is Cath rather talented, but she's lovely as well! Double win! 

The Road North, Glencoe

Winter, Port of Menteith

Fife over the Forth

'Cath is a Scottish landscape and botanical artist living in central Scotland.  She combines photography with painting, watercolour washes, crackle glazes and textures of peeling varnish, old parchment, fabric, crumbling plaster, scratched metal.....all sorts of unusual things to create gentle, painterly digital mixed media images.  
Much of the inspiration for her landscape work comes from "wide open spaces, vast grey skies and low light of the Scottish West Coast, the Firth of Forth and East Lothian". '

 East Lothian field #2

Have a look through the beautiful gallery of Cath's works here, and be sure to say hello! 


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