Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - AliBaliJewellery

Hello there my dear blog readers! How are you today? It was a cah-razy weekend at rubyandjoy HQ, with two separate markets on the go on Saturday! I managed to avoid cloning myself and got to see Edinburgh lit up for Christmas and looking gorgeous! Highlights of the weekend for me? 
1. Meeting all the lovely people that came to say hello at the Assembly Rooms, as well as catching up with all the lovely makers I've been really lucky to befriend over time.
2. My mother in law stashing chocolate hobnobs in my lunchbox - hello biscuit heaven!

I also managed to sneak into Anthropologie while I was waiting for my lift for 10 minutes - I got about 2 metres in the door. If chocolate hobnobs are biscuit heaven (they really are), then Anthropologie is Christmas shopping heaven. I'll be real with you, I think it's heaven all year round. But at Christmas time, it is cinnamon and orange smelling, jazzy carol playing, cute mug displaying festive magic.

It was also the first time I've taken my fringe to the big smoke, where loads of people can see it, and I think we managed quite well! 

But what I really wanted to share with you today was these gorgeous acorns by AliBaliJewellery. I met Ali in August at a Morningside Market, and she's been so lovely to me since then, giving me lots of tips and encouragement. I'm never able to stand long at her table as it's always mobbed by people, but so far, these are definitely my favourite - acorns!

Check out her online shop and facebook page, and say hi for me! She'll be at the next Assembly Rooms Fair too (7th/8th Dec), so if you're swinging by to see me, I behoove you to swing by her way also. Excellent word. Behoove.


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