Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Meet the Makers - Gillian Kyle

Good morning! And how might you be this frosty (freezing) morning? I am well, although I always feel I deserve a medal for getting out of bed when it gets wintery and cold, so you know, still waiting on that. I went to the gym last night so the sugar on my weetbix did not count. We're off to a grand start!

To make this morning even more magnificent, we have the most excellent Gillian Kyle on the blog this morning - hooray! She is the Queen of Tunnocks (an unofficial term), and all of Scotland love her for it. If you like biscuits (silly question), or fish and chips, or bread, or Andy'll love her! Based in Glasgow and opening their creative doors in 2008, they have loads of brilliant gift ideas. Please do step through (or scroll down) to see what she loves at this time of year...

If you were giving one of your products as a gift for Christmas, what would it be, to whom would you give it and why?

It would definitely be my new 'Great Scot' t-shirt, and I'd be giving it to my Dad to wear when he goes off to watch Scotland play footie. He really is a great Scot, and it's a really fun t-shirt to wear with your kilt, and he ALWAYS wears his kilt when he goes off with the Tartan Army!

Real tree of fake tree? 

Real tree definitely - but I just can't bare the waste when they're all thrown out after Christmas. I might buy a living one this year and plant it in the garden afterwards. The smell of pine in the house is hard to beat!

What are the top 5 best things about running your own business?

The freedom to take things in the direction I want them to go in, being able to choose my own colleagues (and working with such great people!), the ability to work the hours I choose - even if that's usually much longer than 9-5! It not mattering if I forget to get a receipt for petty cash (although Katie our bookkeeper still gives me a row) and the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment when something really cool happens.

What are some of your favourite small shops that stock handmade items?

There is an amazing wee store in Glasgow called 'The Shop of Interest'. They sell lots of pieces by students, recent grads and emerging designers, and the mix is really eclectic and fun. I love that it's not too safe in its choices when buying, and there is always something new to see, no matter how frequently I go in.

Do you bake at Christmas? What is your speciality?

I'm not a baker unfortunately, and I'd just eat it all if I were. I'm really into juicing though, so maybe I should come up with a special festive juice? Probably best to leave the brussels sprouts out of it though!


I'm going to wholeheartedly agree that all brussels sprouts should be left unjuiced, and that the smell of pine in the house at Christmas is incredible!

Swing by the Gillian Kyle website to check out her lovely products, and say hello for me! All this talk of biscuit-y goodness has left me a wee bit peckish. I hope you have a wonderful day dear readers! I'm off to scour the pantry - we must at the very least have some cooking chocolate...




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