Monday, November 4, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Meet the Makers - Something by Someone

Hello there my lovely blog readers, and a very happy Monday morning to you all! I am currently in York and it is STUNNING! But more exciting than my Autumnal love affair is that today is our first Meet the maker interview - hooray! And we get to start with the lovely Em Renke from Something by Someone. Based in Sydney, Em Renke started up her jewellery business last year after working for a company as a bench jeweller, and is creating beautiful work left, right and centre!

We were able to ask her what she loves about Christmas, and about some of her favourite things...

Do you make specific Christmas items, or just stick with your usual all year products (if so, what are they)?

I don’t make anything specific for Christmas, jewellery is a pretty special gift for Christmas so I keep on selling what I design and work on through the year. I am a ring person, so I have endless designs for rings. My favourite rings are my double band hammered whisper rings and they are currently my best sellers.

What is your favourite part of your Christmas day?

We do presents on Christmas Eve so for Christmas day, we go to church and then have a spectacular lunch. I love all the company of family and friends together and sharing that lunch and then looking forward to a lazy afternoon with some coffee and fruitcake.

Real tree of fake tree?

I like a fake tree that looks just like a real tree. I don’t think I could live with a tree slowly dying in my house.

What do you use for inspiration for your work?

I draw inspiration from my little girl. She has some pretty great ideas and exploring the world with her leads to discovering different shapes and materials. Usually if I find a shape or idea I like, I'll keep on playing around with it until I feel convinced that it will make a beautiful piece of wearable jewellery.

What are the top 5 best things about running your own business?

Your time is your own and you can work around whatever life throws at you without asking anybody’s permission. Although you work harder, there is the freedom and flexibility that I find very valuable.

Tell us one of your favourite traditions of Christmas time?

Dressing up and planning my Christmas outfit! We always had the tradition where we would choose a theme and all the girls would dress up (usually the theme revolves around a certain dress hanging in your closet for the entire year and you still did not get the chance to wear it!).

What are some of your favourite small stores that stock handmade items?

PiccoloPear in East Gosford
Two Birds Gallery in Long Jetty and
Madeby Others in Moss Vale NSW

Rocky road or fruit cake?

Fruit cake! It is the only time I will ever have it.

Do you bake at Christmas? What is your speciality?

Big time baking happening at Christmas. I love hand made and home made so baking cookies for friend as gifts are our thing. The whole house smells of fruitcake!

If you were going to a Christmas dinner party, what would you take as a hostess gift?

Always flowers. I will buy the prettiest and most unusual flowers and arrange them myself in a beautiful little posy complete with an old jar or tin of some sort tied with twine and a tag.

Check out the lovely Something by Someone and all of Em Renke's gorgeous work! If you're hoping to make an order, make sure you do so by the start of December, as each piece is made especially for each customer.

Have a wonderful week wherever you are! And I'll see you soon! x


  1. Thanks Nicola! So happy to be a feature on your beautiful blog! It made my day!xxx

  2. Lovely Em Renke - it's a pleasure! Your work is beautiful x


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