Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more things to love about scotland...

Because there will always be more...

  1. Shortbread
  2. Beautiful gardens filled with roses and begonias and poppies and lupins and foxgloves...
  3. Tea and digestives
  4. The words 'bonny' and 'daft' being used with high frequency, and everything being 'pure dead brilliant'
  5. £1 for a GIANT tray of fresh Scottish raspberries that can be eaten messily by the handful
  6. Biscuit tins in every single house hold filled with chocolate and biscuit-y goodness
  7. Shortbread!
  8. Big yellow number plates
  9. Electric showers
  10. Peppers, squash, and courgettes. Obviously being capsicums, pumpkins and zucchinis. Obviously.

image via weheartit


  1. Ooh. Jealous, much!

    Esp re: tea + biscuits - are we talking chocolate-coated digestives or plain?

  2. Seriously, find me a reason to get there! J xx

  3. oh my goodness. chocolate covered. always. and a good reason to get here? chocolate covered digestives. so good. x


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