Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

I enjoy a good rosy cheek. Yes indeedy.
A good tramping session across a muddy field complete with wellies and wild hair will give you a good rosy cheek, most definitely. Unfortunately this option isn't available to us all, and may be a little inconvenient when we need it the most ('excuse me I'm feeling a little pale, I just need to go for a run through a field, be back in a jiff'), therefore the most logical option to turn to is eating lots of red fruit!
Ha! I jest.

It's cream blush my pretties! Easy to apply, hundreds of lovely juicy colours, and will give you that 'just tramped with the sheep' look, without any need for exercise! Brilliant! Try 'Penny Lane' by Nars for a lovely pink colour, or 'Posey' by Mac for a pretty peachy flush. Or just smoodge some of your favourite lippy into the apples of your cheeks for a more cost effective solution. Keep in mind this may not work if your lipstick shades run in the 'goth punk' colour scheme. Then again, black cheeks could be coming back*...

But as always, keep in mind that I know nothing at all about any of this and therefore take no responsibility if you look kind of funny with smoodgy lipstick cheeks. But just secretly, I think you'll look smashing. SMASHING!
Have a wonderful weekend my dear readers! And if possible, go tramping. Tis mucho fun-o!
* I don't know that they were ever in...
second image via harpers
third image via marie claire

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