Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bonnie Scotland...

Eilean Donan Castle

Some of the wonders of Scotland that I have enjoyed of late...

  1. Chip butties in Buckie
  2. Spotting huge herds of deer on mountain sides in the Highlands
  3. Picking heather roadside and overlooking the mountains and hills that roll into the distance (Keira Knightly style in Pride and Prejudice on the DVD main menu. Yep. Just like that)
  4. Placing my rock on the pile at Cairn O Mount, after the friendly Scottish couple informed us that's what's done
  5. ''Sun baking'' on the beach at St Andrews
  6. Ice cream at St Andrews (ferrero rocher - best ice cream ever)
  7. Walks along the stone walled lanes, winding through the fields
  8. Driving past the townships of Boghead and Slackhead
  9. Not being able to understand anyone from Glasgow
  10. Early afternoon naps (I'm quite the nanna)

And many more yet to come!



  1. you didn't mention the darling little dundonians!?xxx

  2. i have been in glasgow 6 years and still don't understand.

    Sounds like an amazing trip!


  3. I need an excuse to come visit. Can you think of any??? xx

  4. ahhh the darling dundonians. and re no. 11, *cough* yes *cough* :D
    an amazing trip indeedio! xx


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