Wednesday, July 7, 2010


There was a program on tv the other night about suburban foxes. It involved lots of angry yelling British people waving rifles about with gay abandon. I watched the ad and was slightly frightened, and a touch intrigued. Sometimes I wonder why. Seriously. Why?

But this here fox wouldn't eat your potatoes. Or your leafy greens. He would however look smashing on your wall. Yes indeedy. No rifles necessary. Or angry yelling British people. As fun as that would be...

artwork by Darren Song


  1. I think, unfortunately, it's because there was a rogue fox that got about and injured two little children a few weeks back. But I still don't think it warrants shooting *all* the foxes. Love the fox art, though - big than of many things fox-ish (boom! boom!).

  2. oh my word, thats awful! and makes somewhat more sense! am on the lookout for hedgehogs whilst here, am hoping they'll be slightly less dangerous. they're just so cute in cartoons!


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