Tuesday, March 12, 2013

what's your favourite?

As a florist I get to work with the loveliest and most beautiful of flowers! *high five* When I was working full time in floristry, I used to get asked a LOT which one was my favourite, which was always impossible to answer. I love the colour in parrot tulips and their thick curly petals, I love big lemon lilies which smell so sweet, and November lilies too. I love deep purple violets and creamy white gardenias. I love big bowers of blossom and bushy hydrangeas. I love the colour and delicacy of poppies and big full garden roses. But one of my top favourites (because I can't measure them any closer than that!) is these purple anemones. LOVE EM!

Apparently other folk are quite keen on them too, so much that they've written poems about them! DH Lawrence did, but it's a bit terrifying, so we'll brush right over that.

What's your favourite? x

image credit - to moi!


  1. Ever since you introduced me to anemones- the white ones with the black centres, they've been my favourite. But you know, I don't think I've ever seen a real one!!

  2. oh no! we'll have to fix that :) they're BEAUTIFUL! x ps i forgot ranunculus! disaster... x


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