Thursday, March 28, 2013

counting the days...

Oh YES there are!
Tomorrow - Hair coloured. I'm almost at the stage of it looking like my roots are on purpose (eg balayage, dip dye etc), however, they're not. It just looks bad.
Next Friday - Harrowgate with my cousin. We're of on a road trip and I'm tagging along to support THE Ebba Goring as she exhibits at the British Craft Trade Fair. No need to explain the many levels of excitement that shall entail!
Two weeks and four days - AUSTRALIA! FOR A MONTH! Am I excited? Yes. Have I started packing? Yes. Am I going to be pasty on arrival? Very.
I hope you've got lots of lovely things coming up too! And if not..I give you full permission to start planning some now. STAT!
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  1. There are two peopl in Fennell Bay who are pretty excited too! xx

  2. and those two people in Fennell bay will be getting BIG HUGS very very soon :) xx


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