Friday, March 15, 2013

happy weekend!

Happy weekend! How will you be celebrating? With day time fireworks? Me too. But if that doesn't pan out for you (or I), let's make a list of all the lovely things we would like to do, yes?

Spring cleaning! This is probably only lovely in thought, not so much in action. But HOW GOOD it will feel when I'm done far outweighs the sneeze-a-thon that will precede cleanliness. It shall include carpet washing, window wiping, wardrobe cull, and lots of windows being open. For this to happen, of course, it must reach over 2 degrees and quit snowing.

Walking. I do love a good walk, and it seems we're in a good spot for it. Always accompanied by a good sandwich and a flask of tea - which one has to eat in the car, because it's too cold to be sedentary in the wilderness. 

Reading. The house is filled with afternoon sunlight (yes, that's a miracle in itself), and from where I sit on our comfy wee couch, it's pretty cosy. Curled up with a cup (or 3) of tea, a good book and perhaps a few blankets - sounds like bliss!

Eating. Obviously.

Gardening! Or balcony-ing? De-winter-ing our balcony. All legitimate words. At the moment it's a cluster of sticks in pots which is looking very sad and neglected. Except for, excitement upon excitement, my 3 pots of tulip bulbs, selected carefully and brought home all the way from Amsterdam. Lovely parrot-y ones in pinks, oranges and reds. Knowing my luck they'll be in full bloom while I'm away for a month, so I am fully prepared to pay someone to come and take good photos for me. Payment shall be in the form of the joy you will feel on beholding the magnificent sight of aforementioned tulips. Pretty generous, eh? 

Crafty-ing. Husbando will say, 'Nicola, stop working so hard!', and I'll say, 'Fetch me a biscuit!'. Not really. I'll say, 'I'm not working hard!'. And then we'll fetch a biscuit together.

Let's be honest, probably about 7.2% of that stuff is going to happen, and it won't be as pretty as pinterest makes it look. However! I like to dream and I like to plan, and so - voila! 

I'm off to sort my socks. My weekend of awesomeness starts NOW! x


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