Friday, March 22, 2013

the school...

I have had the curious delight of seeing many an instagram picture and reference to 'the School' of late, and apart from wishing my socks of I was there, taking part in the fun, I was also intrigued as to what it actually was. Well! HOW did I miss it?! To be fair, I've not been in the country. 


So please excuse my very late uptake. And, as they have just turned one, let's blow up a balloon and throw some confetti in the air (go on, it'll be fun!) to celebrate their craftiness!

Get your cute self over there and you will have awesome amounts of fun. Megan Morton, super stylist, has started up top notch workshops for all. Sharing is caring, and if you're interested in screen printing, shibori, flower fun and all manner of other brilliant crafty bits and bobs, you should check it out. That's an order! Not really, that be a bit bossy. But I promise, you will love it. 

I'll just be here. Wishing I was there. 

image via - the School


  1. oh, i know!!
    i feel so far away from its awesomeness and i'm in the same country! (only a 3-4 hour flight plus 3 hour drive away). i feel your long distance pain.

  2. oh, I'm so glad you understand! i think they're planning a Tasmania trip at some point, so there's still hope for you! x

  3. in that they're travelling around...if that makes sense. i know you're not in tasmania. oh has been one of those days...x


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