Thursday, August 18, 2011

well hello there!

Hello! It is a sad truth that I am back from holidays, and amongst many things I learnt whilst away, the most important is most definitely that holidays are way funner than work. I know, I'm a genius. And while it may not have been the sun drenched, ocean swimming week I was hoping for (Summer has gone, apparently), there were many other delights, both new and old experienced in beautiful St Andrews. And so for you, my top seven (there was going to be ten, but it's quite late and I'm getting sleepy)!

1. As previously mentioned, holidays are a much more enjoyable passing of time than work. Don't worry though, I shall work on a plan to make me a lady of leisure!

2. Park swings are made for children. Therefore, when one's posterior does not fit in said swing, it is most unnecessary to shed tears. Most unnecessary.

3. Wind shields, of which during my lengthy Summer beach days in Australia none were sighted or even heard of, are an absolute necessity and a wonderful invention to be enjoyed on the beaches of Scotland. If it's not sunny and even if it's raining, at least we can shelter from the arctic breeze!

4. Sleep in's are brilliant.

5. Deep fried pizza should never be consumed by a human (or an animal, for that matter). If you're wondering what a deep fried pizza is because you're from Australia and have never heard of such a treat*, it is a pizza, deep fried. Delightful.**

6. A holiday is not a holiday without adventuring through delightful wool shops, discovering knick knacks in pretty old fashioned shops, visiting the big smoke and playing boggle.

7. I can't wait for my next one!



**Sarcasm again.

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