Friday, August 5, 2011

off the the seaside...

It is now official my dear readers...I am on holidays for 10 days! Feel free to release any streamers you may have or perform a graceful and muchly appreciated excited dance, for I am now collapsed on the couch with the boy and am so far past exhaustion I can barely utter a murmer of joy. BUT! Be sure, my lovelies, that on the inside, I am dancing like a mad woman!

What is on the agenda, you ask? Excellent question! And I shall tell you! We are off to the delightful seaside town of St Andrews! Our very well structured and thought through plans include eating icecream, a bbq at the beach, some putting on the Old Course, perhaps a leisurely stroll to some nearby little holiday towns, consumption of fish and chips, and, very shamefacedly, finishing our thank you cards. From our wedding. 6 months ago. Now! You may have noticed that many of these plans include food, to which I will say, heck yes they do! It's holiday time! There will also be time for some big city shopping which I am very much looking forward to as dressing for Scotland weather is still quite the conundrum for moi.

And as I am quite the kindly blogger, I shall pop up a picture here of the seaside, to make us all feel as though we're off for a wee break. You can almost taste the salty air!


pic via weheartit


  1. Have a wonderful time - it sounds like such a relaxing getaway!

  2. happy holidays...... have a look at my blog, very boring compared to yours!!


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