Sunday, April 10, 2011

some golden cheer!

Good morning my lovely readers! It's Spring here, and there are fields...FIELDS of daffodils, lining every roadside, roundabout and pathway! So bright and cheery! Makes for a very happy looking countryside. And creates in me an up-till-now undiscovered roadside flower thief. Don't worry, I haven't let her out yet. I have myself some gorgeous scented jonquils to cheer up our flat, a gift from the lovely girls at the flower shop! When they die, we'll see what happens. Until then, the pretty and cheery daffodilly's shall stay on the roadsides, roundabouts and pathways! Which is a good thing for the general public. And, you know, legal.

Also. I have the windows open! Yes, my friends, I am in Scotland, and I have the windows open! There is news of an impending heatwave, what with all this 15 degree heat, on which I shall maintain my silence (apart from writing about it on my this blog), and for now, merely enjoy strolls along the riverbank breathing air that doesn't freezeburn my lungs. Excellent!


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