Sunday, April 3, 2011

happy uk mothers day xx

Working a 60 hour, 6 day week at the local florist may not have been the most sensible way to ease my way back into working after being er, not working, for approximately 4 months, my achy back and dirty hands and sore throat will tell you (and me *sob!*) that.

However, as in different countries we like to do things in different ways (don't even get me started on that...Rexona/Sure, I'm looking at you) it turns out it's Mothers Day here today! So a little Sunday shout out to my Mum, who even from the other side of the world is the best Mum ever xx

ps - auctions tomorrow night...who's excited? Meeeeee!! xx

image of Shirley MacLaine - via the google


  1. glad to be making your day, and it is not pathetic i'm the same:)
    just confused are you in Australia at the moment or the UK? love your blogs, they are so cute and cheery!

  2. In the UK at the moment, and it's lovely and 'warm'!


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