Thursday, April 14, 2011

inspiration board time...

It occurs to me that over the coming weeks I would very much like to set up a lovely little inspiration board. As much as I would love a beautiful office to call my own and cover with pretty wallpaper and photographs, we have approximately one room in our flat, and I do believe the boy might want some of this space. And so I have myself a wee cork board to make my very own. Delightful! And in the fashion of generous sharing of such information, I shall fill you in on a few other things I have learnt this week.

* Scottish weather is much like Melbourne weather. Stupid.
*Sweeties are much cheaper here, and my pants are getting tighter (that's the dryer, right?)
*The last Friends episode was on today, and tomorrow, they start all over again! Excellent!
*If a last name starts with Mac, it's Scottish, if it starts with a Mc, it's Irish...
*...and as hard as it is for me to understand a thick Scottish accent, it's just as hard for them to understand me. Blank stares all round!

It's almost the weekend and I am excited. Let's cross our fingers for some 'warm' weather! xx


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing Nic!

  2. ...warm weather and me!!!
    I cannot wait to see you add to the fun of blank staring!
    This post made me laugh very much - I miss you!


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