Sunday, April 10, 2011

more auction FUN!

Monday night is just around the corner my friends, and I do hope you know what this means! Scottish Highland Dancing lessons! WOO! Erm, no. That's Wednesday night. Monday night is auction night!

Last weeks purchase was a gorgeous old Singer sewing machine, and the excitement is still alive and well! Mine came in a beautiful old curvy box, and came to the grand total of £6. People keep asking me if it works. I tell them it looks pretty.


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  1. That sewing machine is just like the one my mum had when I was a little girl - she taught me to sew on it and I tried to teach my dad while mum was out which was not good for his nerves - he thought I would have a finger off and he'd be held responsible! Mum was then under strict instructions to remove the needle every time she went out! Many a beautiful wedding dress was created on a machine like that.....and , of course, summer dresses for me - I was an only girl after three boys - a dressmaker mummy's dream x


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