Sunday, November 7, 2010


Apologies for the delay in announcing the very lucky winner for our Little Jane St giveaway! A morning of quick 'let's just see what's out there' wedding dress shopping on Friday turned into 'this is the one!' and a weekend following of wedding excitement! But there are no excuses! For when Little Jane St goodies are being given away hearts are waiting in anticipation!!*
SO! Without further ado, our lucky winner this time round is Amanda Thorson! Very honourable mentions to go to Anna and Claire - completely understand the moving away thing, Beach Tropic - I cried when I read yours (see astrix-ed point), Vera B - I love my Nanna too!
And to everyone else who entered, thank you! Keep your nose to the ground (my, we have strange sayings) as a delightful new giveaway will be popping up this Friday, for those with a sweet tooth!
If Amanda could email me her mailing address at I'll get these lovely treats from the delightful Little Jane St in the post pronto!

*I'm quite emotional at the moment.


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