Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Never in a bajillion years did I think I would have to plan most of a wedding in 2 weeks. Heck no. But it is wonderful! It is also taking up my hard hitting journalistic blog time! Will you accept my apologies? I promise to not not post again! Does it make it better if I tell you I bought my wedding shoes yesterday? They are possibly the coolest shoes in the world. If ever there was a reason for not blogging, it's cool wedding shoes. But I am sorry. Hug yourself from me. And if people look at you strangely, it's probably because you're hugging yourself.


  1. I wanna see pics of these shoes!!!!

  2. haha! NEVER! well...not until the wedding day ;) although I'm just a little bit excited! as I was tempted to show you and searched for them in google images, it turns out Chrisian Louboutin has some exactly the same! excellent!!! i don't know why this makes me excited...but it does!!!
    ps - they're reeeally pretty... xx


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