Friday, November 19, 2010

*****FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!!*****

My lovely friends and readers! I am huddled in front of the heater and I find it absurd...ABSURD! It's Summer time! I'm supposed to have naturally lost 10 kilos because I only feel like eating leaves and cress* because it's so warm, but NO! You want to spring heat upon me whilst I'm still finishing of the chocolate cupcakes without fear of the humble bikini because it's still chilly! Well...BRING IT ON! And while I finish ranting at the sky and lick the delicious icing of my fingers...may I offer you a $25 voucher for the tastiest cupcakes in Sydney at Sparkle Cupcakery? Yes? Alrighty then. Consider it offered! Keep in mind my lovelies, it's a Sydney based shop...but enter away! It's our last giveaway for a wee while, so go nutso! Entertain me with your wit and charm! In 25 words or less. I'm very busy munching on cakes you see...
Winner will be announced next Friday, which coincidentally will also be the same day I announce to myself inside my head (it's a rather exciting place) that the boy will be back in two weeks! For now it's three...but that's gives us enough time to fix this weather...DOESN'T IT!!!?
Enjoy the weekend sugarmuffins! xx
ps - even if you don't win, go to won't be able to resist xx

*I don't know what cress is, but I imagine it's quite green and stringy. mmm.


  1. cupcakes from sparkle so dreamy
    Oh so delicious tops so creamy
    After one bite I cant deny
    I simply have to give them all a try

  2. A haiku:

    beautiful cupcakes
    I dreamed of them all dancing
    right into my mouth


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